Unidentified Flying Elephant - Coloring Page

Unidentified Flying Elephant

The other day as I came and went
I ran across an elephant
But though his girth was big and round
He floated high above the ground

I asked him how this came to be
And with a smile he said to me:

Over city and suburb
Flying is my favorite verb
With rocket ship or paper plane
I greet the sun and dodge the rain

I told him that all seemed very nice
So he gave me this, his best advice:

Use Helium to give you lift
Flap your wings if that’s your gift
Hop upon a trampoline…
Or fly a saucer seldom seen
It doesn’t matter how you fly
Just that you have the mind to try

The world is big, the world is round
So don’t just sit and mope around
Flap and flit and flap some more
And up above the clouds you’ll soar

Now I’m finally understanding
Flying’s a breeze – the trick is landing.


I hope you will download this image and use it as a coloring page. If you do please post it to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #colormewithhugs. That way I can see what you create and I’ll even post some of them here. Thanks!