Happy Birthday - Coloring Page

Happy Birthday

Ice cream, cake, and of course, balloons
Lots of friends singing merry tunes
We’ll shout, we’ll dance, we’ll have a ball
And when it’s time someone will call:
“Three cheers for your birthday!”
“Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!”

We’ll pop balloons and throw some cake
Such a terrible mess we’ll make
Wrapping paper shred on the floor
And ice cream sliding down the door
And when it’s time you’re bound to shout:
“Three cheers for my birthday!”
“Get out! Get out! Get out!”

I hope you will download this image and use it as a coloring page. If you do please post it to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #colormewithhugs. That way I can see what you create and I’ll even post some of them here. Thanks!