Whale Traveled - Coloring Page

Whale Traveled

Mobile island nation
Living transportation
A place that comes to you at need

Standing on blubber now
Be no landlubber now
O’er the waves get ready to speed

Propelled by her flukes
Not coal or even nukes
Ship whale is green as the ocean

No luxury liner
Could ever be finer
If sea travel is your notion

We’ll share a damp picnic
But one should not nitpick
Over spouting sea spray and foam

Pack sandwiches and wine
And enjoy the sunshine
While over the ocean we roam

Traveling on whaleback
Waves splash us front and back
Could there be any lunch wetter?

Zigzagging ‘cross the brine
Soaking, but feeling fine
Could there be any trip better?

I hope you will download this image and use it as a coloring page. If you do please post it to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #colormewithhugs. That way I can see what you create and I’ll even post some of them here. Thanks!