Seek Life With Love - Coloring Page

Seek Life With Love

A space tale

Rockets fly ever faster
Yet Space is always vaster
Planets can be lonely places
For so many hidden races

So we seek life with love

Up past the stratosphere
Nothing is ever near
Across the dark expanses
Aliens have romances

Oh let’s seek life with love

If we send a signal far
To a bright and distant star
Will they send a swift reply?
Invite us to see their sky?

Can’t we just seek life with love?

Does this big spacenaut’s suit
Make me look smart and cute?
Will it charm a fur-faced Rigellian?
(Because to it I am the alien)

Will they greet life with love?

Rockets and saucers meet
Greetings go swift and sweet
It thinks my small ears are funny
(I think it looks like a bunny)

Let’s seek more life with love

I hope you will download this image and use it as a coloring page. If you do please post it to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #colormewithhugs. That way I can see what you create and I’ll even post some of them here. Thanks!