Fish and Fowl - Coloring Page

Fish and Fowl

Here we are in this cove remote
Upon the sea in love we float
Birds above us dive and splash
Darting here and there to catch
Seafood supper fresh and wiggly
Yet my seaborne friends are giggly
For the way of fish and fowl is not so odd

We swim and caper in the foam,
Along the coral, seek and roam
Too bad we weren’t born with gills
Like fish friends who pay no bills
But lungs give little time to spare
So we must clamber up for air
For we are not adapted like the octopod

Splashing we, pretending merfolk
Swimming smiling silent we spoke
Tales of whales and tails of snails
Back to sandy beach and pales
Where seagulls gulp and swoop and glide
Back to car, we must climb inside
For the way home is not so near

And fish and fowl have grown quite dear.

I hope you will download this image and use it as a coloring page. If you do please post it to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #colormewithhugs. That way I can see what you create and I’ll even post some of them here. Thanks!